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mapps coffee is online

Posted on: February 18th, 2013 by Sinan Cingilli


Mapps Coffee has increasingly seen the need to have an online presence to put us more “on the map”, and we are now live. Our new website adapts, and is easy to use on all devices from your mobile phone to your desktop computer. We also needed Mapps’ website to be managed and updated by our staff and that required the implementation of a content management system. The elegant design and development of the website was done by Peter Marty, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of what you see before you.
The design and functionality is very minimal, practical and easy to use. Let’s say for instance, you want to plan ahead and figure out what beverage to order before you arrive? Just visit our interactive menu page and choose from our wide variety of delectable drink options. Perhaps you are in the neighborhood or on the go, and you want to see what our daily specials are, just visit our homepage where we post daily specials, front and center so you can easily see them. Are you unfamiliar with who Mapps Coffee is, do you have a question? Visit our about page and find your answer. Or, if  you have a question that you didn’t find in our “common questions” area, simply send it to us, we would love to here from you and we may post it for others to see. We also have the blog where we will be writing about events that happen at Mapps Coffee, updates and news around the shop and neighborhood, and products or stories that relate to our purpose here at Mapps. So please feel free to page through the site, let us know what you think, and don’t be shy to comment or drop us a message on the contact page. Mapps Coffee is built on meaningful relationships so please, come back to check up on us soon.