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Mapps Coffee and Tea was established in 2004 in Minneapolis' West Bank neighborhood of the University of Minnesota. Mapps Coffee's intention is to bring a worldy atmosphere and ambiance to the U of M campus. On the vibrant corner of Cedar and Riverside Avenue, we reflect the diversity of the communities surrounding us. A family owned business from the start, Mapps Coffee has always been about the crafting of quality relationships as we all go about our daily business.

From our ethical, sustainable, direct trade coffee that we roast and serve, to the valued relationships we build, you will enjoy our cozy atmosphere and delicious drinks that are brewed to perfection.

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Mapps Coffee, Fresh roasted coffee

Mapps Coffee prides itself on its quality, environmentally conscious coffee & tea that we purchase and brew. Our coffee is all direct trade, (a step above fair trade). In fair trade coffee, the farmers that grow the beans are all guaranteed a fair profit from the sales of said beans. However, large coffee conglomerates still act as the middlemen in these ventures. Direct trade, in contrast, deals specifically with the farmers on a one-on-one basis. We buy and sell directly from them, through a small distribution company in California (see our links under "freinds" on this page for more information). As such, the farmers get all of the profit from the sales, not just a cut from a much larger pie.

Another, not insignificant benefit of buying direct trade coffee is that we know, first hand, exactly what we're getting and can choose the best beans for each season on a batch-to-batch basis. After we've purchased our premium green beans, we roast them in house, to a perfect full-city roast to bring out the complex flavors and aromas of the coffee without overpowering them with the caramel and burnt notes that result from over-roasted beans.